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Real Learning, Real Apps, Real, Serious Mobile Learning Games With ZebraZapps

Fri, Jan 16 | 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM | Neopolitan IV

Don't just create text and next for mobile. Go beyond Scantron with a facelift. Be sure what you build is a "real" native app that can live on iTunes or Google Play. Have your real apps load, feel, and play like any other downloaded mobile app, including usage without Internet. Do it all by creating serious learning games for mobile devices using ZebraZapps. To affect behavior and improve performance, activities must simulate the same thought processes and motor skills required for on-the-job success. Real serious learning games do more than just provide a fun way to memorize―they must foster a deeper learning experience through meaningful and memorable practice to mastery through authentically simulating the risks and rewards of the actual work environment. By creating mobile apps instead of browser-based solutions, performance and accessibility are maximized while an Internet connection is not required to play and track the learner experiences.

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