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The Authoring & Publishing System for Professional Authors

Discover the power of ZebraZapps' unique, visual editor and now create and publish mobile apps with real interactivity. No browser. No player. It’s a real app!

ZebraZapps | Allen Interactions Authoring and Publishing System for Serious Authors
Michael Allen, Chairman & CEO, Allen Interactions

Serious Learning Games & Simulations

ZebraZapps is the latest breakthrough in e-learning from Michael Allen and Allen Interactions. This authoring and publishing system empowers authors to collaborate, create, publish, and share powerful learning experiences—all via a professional grade, visual editor.

“It’s been frustrating the last few years as a course developer. Every out-of-the-box tool has limitations in terms of interactivity. Now with ZebraZapps all I have to do is apply a little bit of logic and my interactions are complex and meaningful! This tool is truly a revolution. No other e-learning development tool on the market can do what ZebraZapps can. I’m a believer!”


Lisa Pastoor, Instructional Designer
A Message from Michael Allen:

“Great e-learning experiences shouldn't be so rare. I wanted a way to create rich, interactive learning applications quickly and easily.


So, I created ZebraZapps.”

What is Possible with ZebraZapps?

Powerful Prototyping

Creative design begins with brainstorming. In ZebraZapps, sketches become fully functional and interactive instantly! Make your sketched objects interact with other objects and replace them with polished final media later.

Advanced Authoring

With its unique visual editor, ZebraZapps lets you go wild! Engage users, grab their attention and keep them involved. Don't be held captive by anything more than your imagination—create your own interactions, exactly as you want them.

Premiere Publishing

Get down to business deploying your content and tracking performance. ZebraZapps allows authors to create once and publish a custom app for each of their desired delivery platforms—even mobile.

Sophisticated Power for e-Learning Authors

Upcoming Webinar

Reserve your seat for an upcoming webinar to see an overview
of ZebraZapps' visual editing prowess and amazing features.


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Get Started Now

Reserve your spot for our upcoming "Getting Started with ZebraZapps Training Series," and become a ZebraZapps expert in no time.


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Video Learning Tour

Explore short, informative video tutorials of this powerful software—from a system introduction to creating visual content.


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Publish iOS & Android Apps!

ZebraZapps Gives Authors the Ability to Publish Serious Games and Simulations for Mobile Devices!


The new ZebraZapps mobile feature gives authors the ability to publish real mobile apps for learners, any time or place they want without relying on a mobile Internet browser.


The goal of “author once and play anywhere” has moved a step closer to reality with ZebraZapps. Authors can create their sophisticated e-learning courses once and then publish them as real apps for each of their desired delivery platforms―desktop, iOS, or Android devices. By creating mobile apps instead of browser-based solutions, performance and accessibility are maximized— while at the same time, a continuous Internet connection is NOT required to play and track learner performance via xAPI (formally known as the Tin Can API).

Try ZebraZapps Today!

Wildly Interactive Learning. At Your Fingertips!

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