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About Our Company

20 Years of Award-Winning Instructional Products & Services

Allen Interactions is Formed

In 1993 Michael Allen and a handful of his colleagues set out on a mission to wipe-out boring online learning. Driven with a passion to create e-learning that focuses on what the learner needs to do and not just know, Allen Interactions has been providing custom learning services and products to assist hundreds of clients and thousands of learning professionals achieve motivational learning experiences that are meaningful and memorable leading to measurable results.

The Man Behind the Multimedia

Michael Allen, CEO, Allen Interactions, has been a pioneer in the e-learning industry since 1975, widely known for his more than 40 years of insights, presentations, and books on instructional design. He developed the advanced design and development approaches we have used at Allen Interactions for the past two decades, including CCAF-based design and SAM, a process for iterative, collaborative development. He was the innovative force behind one of the most successful authoring tools used worldwide in the late 80s and 90s, Authorware. Unfortunately, the development of Authorware was discontinued.

Michael Allen, Chairman & CEO, Allen Interactions
ZebraZapps is Born

The loss of Authorware, even in the face of a plethora of tools in the market today, returns us to the original situation. You need to either be a software coder or accept limited instructional strategies offered by easier authoring tools. So it was time to start fresh with an expanded and renewed target—to create a next-generation authoring system with the focus being to empower authors to collaborate, create, and publish powerful learning experiences that drive performance change—via visual authoring. From serious exploration, ZebraZapps was born.

About ZebraZapps

ZebraZapps is a powerful online authoring and publishing system that:


  • touts a unique and powerful visual editor

  • facilitates prototyping and brainstorming

  • offers premiere publishing options

  • empowers authors to create e-learning ranging from simple selected answers to wildly interactive events that contain multi-gesture, constructed, and sequenced responses


ZebraZapps provides serious designers and developers a system to build great learning experiences such as simulations and serious games —projects that simply cannot be produced with rapid authoring tools or cost-effectively produced with programming language tools. 


Try ZebraZapps Today!

Wildly Interactive Learning. At Your Fingertips!

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