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Bored No More: Compelling Compliance Training with ZebraZapps


Presented by Steve Lee, co-founder at Allen Interactions

We have all seen really cool e-learning.  The type that involves simulations and games that makes the learning fun.  Usually when talking about cool and fun e-learning however, the words compliance training do not show up. But it doesn’t have to be that way! It’s possible to create engaging compliance training that still meets all the necessary standards, while achieving your business’ goals. How you ask? 

Simple, with CCAF and ZebraZapps, Allen Interactions’ award winning instructional design approach and authoring environment, you can turn boring into scoring, transforming knowledge into performance.


Join Steve Lee, co-founder of Allen Interactions, as he demonstrates how to turn even the driest content into exciting challenges that are meaningful, memorable and motivational. 


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On-Demand Webinars

Seal the Deal! Getting Executive Buy-In for your e-Learning Needs

Would you like to hear about some techniques that have helped other learning and development professionals, in a variety of fields, get the support and resources they needed from their leadership? If so, join Steve Lee, co-founder of Allen Interactions, and Paul Howe, VP of Sales at Allen Interactions for this one-hour informal discussion on getting executive buy-in from your superiors. With decades of experience selling e-learning to major corporations worldwide, as well as Allen Interactions’ passion for improving the quality of today’s e-learning, Steve and Paulanswer questions and offer ideas and strategies for many common barriers or objections.  View Recording ▶ 

Serious Mobile Learning Games with ZebraZapps

New ZebraZapps publishing capabilities enable all learning professional to build custom mobile learning apps! Join Steve Lee, co-founder of Allen Interactions, as he shows you how to go from idea to published mobile app in minutes.  This webinar will highlight the basics of the ZebraZapps Authoring and Publishing Environment. We’ll walk through the simple steps to build your own Real Mobile Learning Apps.  And after the webinar, you will receive free tools, training, and all the support you may need to build and publish your first ZebraZapps Mobile Learning App. View Recording ▶ 


Breaking Through the Storyline/Captivate/Lectora "Wall"

Tools like Storyline, Captivate and Lectora are great for building many e-learning solutions.  However, if you have tried to create truly dynamic games, simulations, and assessments, you have probably hit “The Wall”— the point where these tools can’t handle the complexity or would take forever to program. Watch Steve as he demonstrates how ZebraZapps can break through The Wall to enable e-learning designers and developers to exceed the limits of their current tool set and to build to the limits of their creativityView Recording ▶

Build Serious e-Learning Games with ZebraZapps

A serious game is defined as a mental contest with a computer, in accordance with specific rules, that uses entertainment to further training and education. However, a "real" serious game must do more than just provide a fun way to memorize. It must foster a deeper learning experience through meaningful and memorable practice to mastery. In this webinar, watch us to see how anyone, non-programmers included, can use ZebraZapps to quickly build REAL serious learning games that actually affect behavior and improve performance. View Recording ▶ 




Build a Role Play in a Day with ZebraZapps

In this webinar, we show you how to build a dynamic and effective role play scenario in 30 minutes or less using ZebraZapps. We can then give you the tools, content, media, and guidance to make the simulation-based learning a reality. View Recording ▶ 


Prototyping Learner Activities with ZebraZapps

This 90-minute video showcases the unique abilities of ZebraZapps Professional to quickly sketch engaging learner activities. The webinar is designed for everyone. Whether you are using an agile process like SAM to develop courseware, or are totally new to ZebraZapps, you’ll find that learning to quickly prototype interactivity will make designing projects a snap. View Recording ▶


Creating Individualized Learning

We all learn differently—but wouldn’t it be great if the same learning activities could be easily tailored to challenge both pros and newbies alike? This 90-minute webinar showcases the unique abilities of ZebraZapps Professional to create a learning environment designed to teach software-based tasks, suitable for any learner, with multiple levels of guidance and challenge. View Recording ▶


Introducing ZebraZapps Pro Plus

Allen Interactions and the ZebraZapps Team have introduced our latest and most powerful authoring system to date—ZebraZapps Pro Plus. In this 45-minute webinar, we discuss the newest features of ZebraZapps Pro Plus, including, creating a packaged app to run on your LMS, webserver, or desktop, new navigation templates, and new video sources.  View Recording ▶


Introducing ZebraZapps Pro

In this 90-minute webinar, you'll be introduced to the Professional version of ZebraZapps. We'll explore how to build a project by incorporating master pages and the convenience of event flow for navigating through your project. And, you'll learn simple and useful features like event level wiring, event message centers, duplicating events, and applying transitions.  View Recording ▶


A Beginner's Guide to ZebraZapps

This webinar is geared towards new subscribers of ZebraZapps, as well as those who are in need of a refresher on the basics. The introductory level, 60-minute webinar, teaches some of the fundamentals of ZebraZapps, by giving an overview of the site and editor, as well as a primer on many of the other unique features that make ZebraZapps the most powerful authoring system on the market. View Recording ▶

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