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Why ZebraZapps Mobile Publishing?

Create truly engaging simulations for your learners, available right in the palm of their hand!

“With ZebraZapps Mobile Publishing you can create one course and deploy it to any device, anywhere. Computers, tablets, phones are all within reach.”



  • SCORM, AICC, and TinCan APIs

  • Desktop and mobile-based players

  • Standard file formats

  • 508 capable via multiple input/output opportunities

  • Screen scaling

  • Multi-lingual compatible



  • Comprehensive user gesture recognition

  • Movement and collision triggers

  • Path, movie, and data-driven animation

  • User response timing and sequence analysis

  • Real-time tweening of object attributes

  • Data-driven interactivity and feedback



  • Cloud-based development

  • Project sharing

  • Object commenting

  • Ecosystem for sharing and collecting apps and reusable objects



  • GUI interface development

  • Logic tables for response analysis, content substitution, and branching

  • Script-free development

  • Direct (WYSIWYG) content editing

  • Edit while running

  • Drag and drop image replacement

  • Copy/paste that retains logic

  • Reusable objects (gadgets)

  • User template development

  • Compile-free execution

  • Automatic direct link updates upon republishing

ZebraZapps Mobile App Publishing Offers Unprecidented Flexibility and Functionality

ZebraZapps Mobile App Publishing Provides Unrivaled Benefits for Authors and Learners


Distribute apps over-the-air with your enterprise’s Mobile Device Management software, through the iTunes Store, or in the Android Marketplace by simply clicking through the ZebraZapps mobile publishing process.


Real App Development

Seamlessly incorporate your current e-learning courses into mobile applications that learners can use on their preferred mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and any Android device with or without an Internet connection.


Ease of Access

With one-click app downloads, learners can access courses anywhere, anytime – and won’t rack up data charges!


xAPI Tracking

Learners can upload their course assessment data via an LRS, producing valuable performance data to the organization.



Deliver updates to learning apps over the air, using your organizations mobile device management system

Try ZebraZapps Today!

Wildly Interactive Learning. At Your Fingertips!

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