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What is ZebraZapps?

The Authoring & Publishing System for Dedicated Authors

ZebraZapps is the latest breakthrough in e-learning development from Michael Allen and Allen Interactions. This authoring and publishing system empowers authors to collaborate, create, publish, and share powerful learning experiences—all via a professional grade, visual editor.

Premiere Publishing

Get down to business deploying your content and tracking performance. The ZebraZapps LMS object includes everything you need to build SCORM compliant course packages or send next generation data with the Tin Can API.

Advanced Authoring

With it's unique visual editor, ZebraZapps lets you go wild! Engage users, grab their attention and keep them involved. Don't be held captive by anything more than your imagination—create your own interactions, exactly as you want them.

Powerful Prototyping

Creative design begins with brainstorming. In ZebraZapps, sketches are full-functioning objects and instantly interactive!  Make your sketches interact with objects and media and replace them with the final graphics later!

Wildly Interactive Learning. At Your Fingertips.

Don’t bore learners with content-driven e-learning.
Create learning experiences that are meaningful, memorable, and motivational.

ZebraZapps Plans & Pricing

Create rich interactive e-learning for a fraction of the cost.
Three subscription levels to fit your authoring needs and budget.
Share Editable Copies of Apps

Working on a project with your team? ZebraZapps makes it easy to send editable copies of your projects to any other ZebraZapps author. Both of you can work simultaneously on the project, while also discussing edits and additions that need to be made.



Create Robust Apps

A Pro or Pro Plus account unleashes unparalleled capabilities for robust application and course development. The introduction of event flow and master pages allow users to easily organize their content for creating rich applications. Show consequences, give eye-catching feedback, and simulate real-world events. You’re limited only by your imagination.

Learn More About ZebraZapps

Getting Started Training

Reserve your spot for our bi-monthly ZebraZapps Training Series. Get your questions answered, and walkaway with a fully functioning app.


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Upcoming Webinar

Reserve your spot for an upcoming webinar to see an overview
of all the amazing features of ZebraZapps.


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Take the Tour

Explore short, informative video tutorials of this powerful software—from a system introduction to creating visual content.


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Wildly Interactive Learning. At Your Fingertips!

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