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ZebraZapps Features

Visual Authoring. Powerful Interactions.

"I am interested in designing 'serious', non-immersive games with technical content and tried various other software prior to looking into ZebraZapps. Initially I played with various ZebraZapps functions just to get a feel, but quickly discovered that it is the tool I've been looking for. I like the wiring features that enable me to design interactions without the need for scripting knowledge. It was easy to learn at a basic level and then move on to more and complex features such as calculations and tables."

Professional Grade Visual Editor

Create Powerful e-Learning with Visual Authoring
Visually Create Interactivity

The most unique differentiator of ZebraZapps is the ability to create complex interactions through the use of a professional grade, visual editor. Each object on the screen, whether you can see it or hear it, has a message center where all the object's properties and actions live. Actions are things that the object can do, or things that can happen to that object. As an author, you create interactivity between objects through the use of a wire, which "talks" to other objects, the entire application, or a LMS.

Prototyping Prowess

Effectively Develop e-Learning within Real-Project Constraints
Brainstorm and Sketch

ZebraZapps celebrates SAM, an iterative design process, and provides a way to get the most effective development possible within the constraints of a real project. Uniquely in ZebraZapps, sketches are full-functioning objects and instantly interactive! Sketch your learning events in ZebraZapps and bring them to life with ZebraZapps’ amazing power of object replacement. Drop finished media onto your sketch or prototype and watch as all logic is maintained. Test your creative design with little effort or expense. You’ll be astonished by ZebraZapps' capabilities from prototype to delivering the finished
e-learning course!




Publish and Share Your Apps Publicly, Privately, or on Your LMS
Publish to a LMS

Get down to business deploying your content and tracking the performance of your users. The ZebraZapps LMS object includes everything you need to build SCORM and AICC compliant course packages.



Private Publishing

Publish your gadgets and apps privately with ZebraZapps Pro and Pro Plus. You can choose not to publish to the shopps, import directly to your LMS, or send to a private guest list.



Export Standalone Apps

Not ready for the cloud? ZebraZapps Pro Plus gives you the ability to publish courses as local, packaged files to run directly from your LMS, webserver, or desktop.

TinCan Ready

Enable your app to send data to a Learning Record Store — ideal for mobile learning. Once you are up and running, creating custom statements in ZebraZapps for any or all interactions is a snap.

Templates & Event Flow

Smart Templates and Effective Project Organization
Smart Interactive Templates

ZebraZapps' Interactive templates are smarter than your average templates–they are reusable, customizable, and interactive. Choose a design, drop in content, and go. Don’t like something? Change it, modify it, and make it your own, quickly and easily.



Event Flow

ZebraZapps Pro and Pro Plus enable users to take advantage of our event flow logic for advanced interactivity organization by introducing master pages and smart loading.

Crowd Accelerated Innovation

Collect, Share, and Sell Your Work via The Shopps
The Shopps

Check out the ZebraZapps Shopps to collect courseware, presentations, games, and gadgets created by other ZebraZapps users. You can find all sorts of useful gadgets such as buttons, meters, gauges, sliders, animations, mazes, sequence driven events and much more. The more popular ZebraZapps becomes, the more the Shopps will fill with user-generated content. The power of crowd-accelerated innovation — it’s a great thing!



Share on Social Media

Let everyone know what you are up to with ZebraZapps! Share your creations directly through the ZebraZapps player or through your existing social media accounts like Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook. Want to embed your presentation in your blog or website? — No problem, ZebraZapps makes it easy.



Sell Apps And Gadgets

Claim fame and even some bucks by publishing your finished apps and gadgets to the ZebraZapps Shopps and attaching a price. Every app or gadget you sell means money in your wallet — Just like that.

Cloud Convenience

Using The Latest Internet Technology to Make Your Work Available. Anywhere.
The Cloud Has Its Advantages

ZebraZapps is in the Cloud, which means a plethora of conveniences for users.


  1. Updates Happen. You do nothing but reap the benefits! Updates occur behind the scenes, so you’renot burdened with anything in regards to software updates–ever. What a relief and convenience!

  2. ZebraZapps is subscription-based. This means, as a user, you pay-as-you-go, requiring a lower initial investment .

  3. Create and author anytime, anywhere, from a standard browser*. Being cloud-based provides users flexibility and freedom to design, develop, and share their work wherever they are, 24/7. Internet is required so find that Free Wi-Fi Hotspot and get to work!


“It’s great that it’s cloud-based because I can work on my projects when traveling without major software downloads clogging up my pc."

Enhance the Existing

Embed Powerful Interactivity into Existing Courses with ZebraZapps
Give Your Existing Course a Spark of Serious

Already have your e-learning courses built in another authoring tool, but not satisfied with the final product? ZebraZapps allows you to breathe fresh air into your existing e-learning courses with a new level of interactivity not possible in other tools. With the addition of ZebraZapps to your toolbox, you can go the extra mile, providing meaningful learning moments for your learners.

Training and Support

Access Resources Needed to Be an Authoring Superstar with ZebraZapps
Upcoming Webinars

Get started on the right foot with ZebraZapps by taking advantage of our complimentary webinars that cover the basics of ZebraZapps.


Video Learning Tour

Explore short, informative video tutorials of this powerful authoring software—from a system introduction to creating visual content.



Our blog is the place for relevant, practical tips, and best practices for successfully leveraging basic and advanced features of ZebraZapps to create learning experiences that move that motivate learners and improve performance.



Become part of the ZebraZapps community and get answers! Our client services specialists and community members are here when you need them—ask and you shall be answered! 


User Help

Reference User Help for detailed documentation, glossaries, answers to frequently asked questions and examples.


Client Services

We really want to help you be successful.  If you have a question, are stuck, or want to share an idea, let us know!

Try ZebraZapps Today!

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