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January Update

With every update to the ZebraZapps system we highlight new features and modifications you can use. In this update we’d like to call your attention to the color picker. The team added a lot of new functionality to make the selection of colors, gradients, and gradient chip transparency significantly more versatile.

First, you will notice we have added two new rows of common color chips above the color rainbow. In the two new rows, we added modern, trend worthy chips. ZebraZapps projects, after all, are trend worthy! Together, all four rows are now identical colors represented in the ribbon slider, which allows for fast reliable color selection through either interface.

You will also notice that the color picker highlights with an outline and crosshairs the chosen chip (if any) and the exact color in the color rainbow that is currently selected. Authors can make multiple changes with the color picker before making a final selection.

To review the original color choice, simply hover over the cancel button.

With a little reorganization and a few new features, we know you’ll find the color picker easier to use and more powerful.

Need help with your project?

While our engineering team was hard at work, so too was our support team. If you haven’t checked out our help page, I invite you to pop on over:

Many new entries have been published in conjunction with today’s upgrades.

Client Success Services experts stand ready to help you. To contact email us at We will respond to you by email, web conferencing, or screen sharing to give you the best and most timely support in the industry. If you have a question, need some advice on creating anything, or want to share an idea, let us know – we really want you to be successful!

Open Office Hours

Join Steve Lee, co-founder of Allen Interactions, for open office hours. He will answer and showcase ZebraZapps examples during this time. There will be no strict agenda or schedule, and every session will be different (depending on author/visitor needs and requests).


11:30 AM – 1:00 PM (US-CT) (To attend:


11:30 AM – 1:00 PM (US-CT) (To attend:

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