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Interview with Christophe Merville of Boiron USA

We have seen so many creative and impactful outcomes from users of ZebraZapps that we wanted to share some of these with our blog readers. This week we are sharing the challenges of Christophe Merville, a pharmacist and the Director of Education and Pharmacy Development at Boiron USA, the US subsidiary of the International, family-owned Boiron company, based in France, the largest manufacturer of homeopathic medicines in the world.

Christophe has been a ZebraZapps subscriber since 2013, so we asked him what attracted him to ZebraZapps:

CM: When I first tried ZebraZapps, I was attracted by the original way to program by wiring. What I see is what I get: publishing an app doesn’t reserve bad surprises in terms of changes in format or design. I can easily import my own designs and media to create something truly unique, not just another slide show or video.

I found ZebraZapps quite simple to understand, and I liked the tutorials and training provided. I now begin to solve more challenging problems and the tips provided in the site and in the forum help a lot. The direct support ZebraZapps provides with my level of subscription is very valuable.

GD: What were the e-learning challenges you faced?

CM: American pharmacists and healthcare professionals receive very little education about homeopathic medicines, and my goal is to create engaging learning tools that can be used in the stores, on tablets, on desktops, at all times and quickly – pharmacists are busy. I use very engaging and interactive techniques to train, and I need a flexible, reliable support to my creativity.

GD: What features or attributes of ZebraZapps have helped you the most to address your challenge?

CM: I would say being able to easily use various designs and media – sound, image, clips, etc. – is a big plus for me. Sliders, arenas, calculators, timers, and table are powerful tools and the way to combine them truly stimulates creativity. Some of the apps created with ZebraZapps are truly amazing!

In general, ZebraZapps enables the training designer to create truly engaging environments where the trainee can be completely immersed and focused. I just scratched the surface! The support is so flexible that it is possible to train the trainer and the trainee with only one app.

GD: How has your team and audience benefited from the outcome(s)?

CM: Even with only a few very simple apps, I get the “wow” factor from the representatives. Most of them never considered training other than showing slides. The possibility to build an App library that will be available on their tablets, that will engage their audience, that can be used to train themselves as well as others in a fun and original way clearly separates us from other companies.

In short, using apps created with ZebraZapps allows us to develop my e-learning capabilities, and to use proven techniques to increase knowledge, transmit skills and train in decision-making.

The following images from Christophe are of apps built in ZebraZapps for use in training on case studies, treatments, product lines, and tablet support.

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