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Comment Your Saves: Save The World

Save with Comments is a new feature in ZebraZapps allowing authors to annotate individual saves with useful notes. In many cases, it is nice to have a save history that points out major changes in an app’s design or function. Should an author wish to go back in history to a previous version, a well annotated list of saves would provide a pivotal key in choosing which version to open.

Save with Comments [Shift + q] and Save As [Shift + s], both include this new annotation space for author notes about the project. Both enhanced save options are also accessible through the Project drop-down menu.

The save dialog box allows the author to type as much information needed to convey changes made in this version of the project.

After saving, the comment will appear in your project list attached to the particular version saved under the Last Save version listing. The first few words of the comment will display inline as shown below.

When you rollover that comment with your mouse, the comment in its entirety will display over the listing of projects. Alternatively, you may click the green "more" link to see the entire message as an overlay.

Comments can also be found in the Editor's open dialog menus.

Annotating saves is a healthy habit and well worth the effort.

Take a few minutes and try this feature out for yourself.

[Shift + q] or [Shift + s]

Happy Zebra’ing

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