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Getting Executive Buy-In for Your e-Learning Needs

Over the past 20 years, Allen Interactions has been deeply committed to designing and developing meaningful, memorable, and motivational learning experiences with our many contributions in books, tradeshows, webinars, and training… not to mention our newly redesigned e-Learning Instructional Design Certificate Program available through ATD (formerly ASTD). But despite our mark in the industry, we still hear the question:

“I want to create the most effective learning experiences possible, but how do I get my boss to approve the time and resources I need?”

Since Allen Interactions is in the business of creating award winning, results driven “Serious Learning” we have learned the tips and tricks that have gained the interest and support of executives in all industries.

We know that getting the approval of stakeholders on board is one of the biggest hurdles to any project! But luckily, we are here to help. Paul Howe, VP of sales at Allen Interactions will joing me in offering a free webinar, on Wednesday, July 16th, to share our best practices and past experiences with our clients. This webinar will include how to “frame” learning needs with business drivers, discuss measurable results and proven return on investment (ROI), and focus on how to maximize learning and productivity for both the student and the development teams. A the end of the webinar we will offer all attendees a pre-built presentation template that you can share with your boss to get the buy-in you want for your e-learning needs.

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