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ASTD International Conference and Expo Recap

Last week ZebraZapps and Allen Interactions made the annual trip to the ASTD International Conference and Expo. This year, the conference was held in Dallas, TX. And since the conference was held in the big state, we decided to go BIG while we were there.

First off, we created a whole new booth layout and concept. The main section of the new booth design had a giant area to do ZebraZapps Demos, and two big spaces to do Allen Interactions services demos and personalized ZebraZapps demos. This is where we entertained a majority of those passing by in the Expo Hall. The other features of our new booth design were a free trial station, where passerby could sign up for a free 14-day trial of ZebraZapps, and two sales free zones, which allowed people to explore our current work, and the work of others using ZebraZapps.

The booth was a big hit, as over 1000 people stopped by during the 3 days of the conference! We even got named one of the top 5 exhibitors, by blogger Doug Stetzer – thanks Doug!

Another huge part of our ASTD efforts were our sessions. Michael Allen had two packed houses for his presentation on Leaving Addie for SAM! Both sessions we’re so full that the conference staff had to turn people away ten minutes prior to the start. Afterward, those who were in attendance flocked to our booth excited about SAM and anxious to learn more. We are thrilled at the buzz around SAM and the iterative design process, and can’t wait to help those who are interested about SAM in the future.

Also, before the conference started we put together some really great resources.

Check them out below:

Finally, if you missed out on creating a free trial of ZebraZapps while you were in Dallas, or if you’d like to check out ZebraZapps yourself, please contact us for a complimentary coupon code!

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