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October 2013 Release

Our October release focused on a lot of behind the scenes action for some major enhancements and new features on the horizon – so definitely get excited about those! In the meantime though, don’t fret as we’ve continued to develop enhancements for ZebraZapps users in this release, as well as make tremendous gains in fixing some pesky bugs. In this release, you will find several cool visual updates to the ZebraZapps user interface design. App and gadget tiles will be the first noticeable change, as they now animate better upon rollover. The animation updates allow you to get where you need to be, faster. Furthermore, clicking anywhere on the app or gadget tile will take you directly to their details page. Another change is the sorting options for finding apps and gadgets in the shopps. App categories and “sort by” options now appear within their buttons – just a fun little style change to round things out.We’ve also increased our security measures to protect your login credentials. This security feature comes in the form of a new login prompt that you will see when your session has expired. This could occur after a week of inactivity, after clearing cache and or cookies, or following a new release.

We hope you enjoy these enhancements in our October release, and look forward to sharing some big news soon!

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