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Late-October 2013 Release

This months release, while heavy on performance upgrades, includes four new features that designers will really love.

1. To perfectly match your corporate colors, manual entry of HEX colors is now available on all color picker dialogs. Simply click the HEX text field and start typing. HEX colors are formatted with alpha numeric values in RRGGBB format. If you stop typing before entering in all six values, the system will automatically append 0s for the remaining spaces.

2. We’ve made it easier to draw neatly angled lines or animation paths with the path & line tools. Simply hold down the shift key while creating a path to restrict point placement to increments of 45°.

3. Quick object alignment is now available for objects placed on the stage. To align any object to the stage, open the align property category in the object’s message center. Here you will find two ribbons for horizontal and vertical alignment to containers (i.e. any arena and now the stage!).

4. Finally, many ZebraZapps users have requested a faster way to revert back to the pointer tool after using the magnifying or hand tool. I too have done an extra zoom in or pan right of the screen thinking I was using the pointer tool. To eliminate this pain, we’ve added a new command key to select the pointer tool. Simply pressing the spacebar will now deselect each tool and revert back to the pointer.

Dive in and take a look at these refinements. I believe you will also find this months performance enhancements have made the entire ZebraZapps system, quicker and more forgiving.

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