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Custom Cursors Now Available in Latest ZebraZapps Release!

Sometimes you need a hand…

Custom cursors are now available for user actions at runtime in both mouse over and down states. This includes individual custom states for: clickable objects, movable objects, rotatable objects, text inputs and of course your very own default cursor.

These new custom cursor options are located in the project message center. This makes it easy to set and maintain custom cursor actions across your entire project.

So as you can see, adding a custom image to the cursor ribbon works just like creating a graphic button. Simply drag and drop a 32x32 pixel image over any one of the cursor states to add a custom image.

Also new this month are:

  • Faster loads of all your assets when opening an existing project

  • Added capability for Mobile apps using an LRS to submit scores and student completion

  • SVG image support for iOS packages

  • And JSON extensions for LMS servers running IIS

Interested in seeing the new features for yourself? Schedule a complimentary personalized ZebraZapps Session today, and we'll build you a proof of concept for your e-learning needs!

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