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What Sets ZebraZapps Apart?

Serious Games and Simulations

ZebraZapps provides designers and developers a platform to build great learning experiences such as serious games and simulations – projects that simply cannot be produced with rapid authoring tools or cost-effectively produced with programming language tools.

At some point in life everyone plays a game. Some games are more fun and engaging than others. The best games are played for hours and hours, over and over again. What makes these games so wonderful? The rules. The rules of how you play, how you win or lose, the risks, rewards, and consequences.

The “Serious Games” movement recognizes the motivational and emotional power of games to keep people practicing. Integrated with good instructional design, games need not be limited to rehearsal of recalling facts, as occurs with generalized frameworks like Jeopardy. Serious Learning Games go an essential step further. They provide content specific, meaningful, memorable, and motivational learning experiences that lead to useful performance outcomes.

ZebraZapps is the only e-learning authoring system with the power, features, functionality, and productivity to make Serious Learning Games and Simulations a reality for organizations that face tight schedules and budgets with limited access to highly-skilled programmers.

ZebraZapps’ professional grade visual editor for designing media, animations, interactivity, scoring, and feedback make it the best choice to build Serious Learning Games and Simulations with any hope of providing learners with authentic scenarios for improved on-the-job performance. By making engaging, entertaining, challenging, and thought-provoking games that produce realistic and engaging scenarios and simulations, learners will make the time to not only play, but also to succeed at the games.

Have you watched our webinar on Serious Games with ZebraZapps? Check it out here!

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