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New Edit Bar for Labels and Text Objects

New this month to ZebraZapps is an enhanced edit bar for cut, copy and paste functions in object labels and text objects. The edit bar is conveniently activated when the selection cursor is placed inside the text entry field on the stage.

For editing text in a browser the edit bar makes refining and editing typed or copied text from other applications easy without learning new key commands. In addition the edit bar visually lets authors know what commands are available by changing the look of the commands from white (available) to grey (unavailable) based on what is in the computer’s clipboard or if text is selected.

Below the top line of text edit commands, we’ve added text justification and alignment, bold, italic and underline settings. This second line maps to object and label properties inside the Message Center. Authors can still wire or manipulate these properties via the Message Center and Inspector.

Special for object labels, is a new xy / grid layout toggle button on the edit bar and a new move icon for visually dragging a label to change its position. We hope you will find these enhancements of great help when quickly styling text on the screen.

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