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Introducing ZebraZapps Mobile App Publishing: Finally, Real Mobile Apps Published with Just a Few Cl

ZebraZapps Now Gives Authors the Ability to Publish Serious Games and Simulations for Mobile Devices!

The new ZebraZapps mobile feature gives authors the ability to publish real mobile apps for learners, any time or place they want without relying on a mobile Internet browser.

The goal of “author once and play anywhere” has moved a step closer to reality with ZebraZapps. Authors can create their sophisticated e-learning courses once and then publish them as real apps for each of their desired delivery platforms―desktop, iOS, or Android devices. By creating mobile apps instead of browser-based solutions, performance and accessibility are maximized— while at the same time, a continuous Internet connection is NOT required to play and track learner performance via xAPI (formally known as the Tin Can API).

“With these new and powerful mobile publishing options, m-learning is no longer limited to passive learning,” says Michael W. Allen, CEO of Allen Interactions. “By making entertaining, challenging, and thought-provoking apps that produce realistic and engaging scenarios and simulations, learners will make the time to not only engage with, but also to succeed in their e-learning challenges, no matter where, when, or on what delivery platform.”

The ZebraZapps’ professional grade visual editor for designing media, animations, interactivity, scoring, and feedback make it the best choice to build m-learning with any hope of achieving the sense of realism required to provide learners with genuine scenarios for improved on-the-job performance. With the addition of mobile deployment, ZebraZapps now offers the most powerful features, functionality, and productivity available to make serious learning games and simulations for mobile devices a reality for organizations that face tight schedules and budgets.

ZebraZapps Mobile App Publishing provides unrivaled benefits for authors and learners

Deployment: Distribute apps over-the-air with your enterprise’s Mobile Device Management software, through the iTunes Store, or in the Android Marketplace by simply clicking through the ZebraZapps mobile publishing process.

Real App Development: Seamlessly incorporate your current e-learning courses into mobile applications that learners can use on their preferred mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and any Android device with or without an Internet connection.

Ease of Access: With one-click app downloads, learners can access courses anywhere, anytime – and won’t rack up data charges!

xAPI Tracking: Learners can upload their course assessment data via an LRS, producing valuable performance data to the organization.

Updates: Deliver updates to learning apps over the air, using your organizations mobile device management system.

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