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Create Exceptional Learning Solutions with these New Features!

Our early September release is here, and with it comes a plethora of new features, updates, and enhancements to the ZebraZapps editor and player. We’ve squashed a bunch of bugs, made some great developments with LMS packaging for SCORM 2004 and AICC, as well as added new functionality to the editor, making it easier and faster than ever to create one-of-a-kind, exceptional e-learning experiences.

Here’s a snapshot of the latest improvements in this release:

Player Loading Speed Enhancements:

In the September release, the ZebraZapps’ engineering team has made tremendous improvements on player load times. After republishing their projects, authors of larger projects will see significant speed-ups of their ZebraZapps runtime project loads. Remember though, projects will need to be republished to see the difference.

Double Click Outs:

The ZebraZapps editor now supports double-click functionality! This capability is essential for developers, especially when doing software-training simulations.

Weblink Now Supports Relative URLs for Both Local Files and Web:

We are excited to release this new update to the weblink feature in the ZebraZapps editor! It is now possible for authors to link their project to external websites or local files! You can now allow you students to access reference materials and job aids that are hosted as files on your company’s intranet.

You Can Now Tween Your Show and Hide Objects:

The September release allows users to add a tween with timing to the show and hide features. This means authors now have the ability to draw out the animation of an object reveal or hide. This can come in handy for authors specifically interested in gamification, simulations and dynamic user interfaces.

Scorm 2004 Progress Ribbon Addition:

In addition to customizable communication of user info, score, status, and location, ZebraZapps now lets you pass a customizable progress variable for display and reporting in your LMS.

New AICC LMS Package Type:

You can now package your projects to work on both SCORM AND AICC compliant Learning Management Systems.

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