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Webinar this Week: Breaking the Storyline/Captivate/Lectora "Wall"

Join Steve Lee, co-founder of Allen Interactions, in a one-hour webinar – Discover ZebraZapps - Power and Productivity: Breaking the Storyline/Captivate/Lectora "Wall". Thursday, April 3rd, 1:30pm - 2:30pm (US-CT).

Tools like Storyline, Captivate and Lectora are great for building many e-learning solutions. However, if you have tried to create truly dynamic games, simulations, and assessments, you have probably hit “The Wall”— the point where these tools can’t handle the complexity or would take forever to program.Steve will show an example client project using a ZebraZapps software systems simulation integrated into a current Storyline lesson.

This interaction was built with:

  • Highly productive templates and gadgets that SMEs can use

  • Integrated simulations of both software tasks and customer conversations

  • Level 3 custom interactions with dynamic branching and delayed feedback

  • The ability to use either screen recordings OR screen captures

  • The feature of one-step global changes of content through image replacement

Please join Steve Lee, Co-Founder of Allen Interaction, as he demonstrates how ZebraZapps can break through The Wall to enable e-learning designers and developers to exceed the limits of their current tool set and to build to the limits of their creativity.

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