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Early July 2014 Release - The Custom Font Manager has Arrived!

July’s early release brings to life a big, new design feature: The Font Manager.

With the new font manager an author can upload any font file (.otc, .ttf & .ttc) to their account. Once the font file has processed (just a few seconds), the font can be added and used in any project.

For authors who are working collaboratively with other ZebraZapps users, transferred projects with uploaded fonts will leave the fonts embedded in the project. However, for copyright purposes the font file will only be available in the transferred project.

For those of us who are working collaboratively across offices or with contractors, the new font manager and project transfer features are unbelievable lifesavers. Never again will you need to worry about matching font files across computers, operating systems, or browsers.

The font manager also lets you know the file size of each file in use. This is really helpful for authors who need to keep their overall file size small.

Checkout this short tutorial on using the font manager:

Along with bug fixes and performance enhancements, we’ve also included more publishing options.

AICC LMS packages:

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 1.12.31 PM.png

In the picture above, and in your accounts, you’ll find an updated category option in the LMS object and two new radio buttons on the publishing panel.

Another change authors will see is iOS device targeting.

In the iOS publishing dialog, we’ve now included iPhone, iPad and High Resolution (retina) controls.

This allows authors to save smaller files by excluding device types on any package. Check it out below:

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 1.25.05 PM.png

For more information, check out user help or email us at

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