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Late July 2014 Release

New PROPERTIES and OUT Ribbons: Now easier than ever to give feedback based on a student’s previous answer or any time a value changes in the app.

ZebraZapps authors will really enjoy building interactions with newly added PROPERTIES and OUT ribbons in this release.

We’ve focused on making it easier to:

  • Give feedback based on a previous answer or a previous action that a student has made.

  • Give feedback at the precise moment a value changes.

Button Sets, Slider, Text Input, and the Arena have all received a “Previous Value” Properties ribbon. These ribbons are “read only” and can be used to examine a change a student has made to a single input in any interaction.

For example, if a student changes an answer in an Input Text object from “red” to “blue”, the Previous Value ribbon will show the “red” value, which the author can create feedback based on this previous value such as “Why did you change the answer from red?” or “You just entered blue, is it any different than red?”

Where to look:


  • Slider (Previous- value)

  • Buttons (Prev- set value)

  • Arena (Previous page #)

  • Text input (Previous- text)

For instantaneous actions, we’ve added “On-Change” OUT ribbons, which can fire the moment any value changes (in any direction), which makes it really easy to trigger other IN functionality based on a change. For example, based on the change of a slider value, you could trigger a Calculator Object to Judge Now and update an expression using the new slider value.

Where to look:

OUT -> Triggers:

  • Slider

  • Buttons

  • Arena

You will also find “On-change” ribbons can be used with “Dropped on” and “Collided with” OUT ribbons and any custom OUT ribbons you create.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 9.51.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 9.48.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 9.44.38 PM.png

Examples to try:


Build a simple text input interaction that displays the last answer the student submitted under their current answer.


Create 3 buttons. With just one wire, play a sound when any button is pressed.

A little harder:

Create a 4 page arena and a series of buttons to go to each page. Once you have it working create an additional button that only goes to the last page shown.

New Controls on the Event-Loading Progress Bar

Many users have asked to be able to control the event-to-event loading bar. Some want to rid it of their project all-together. Today, Pro and Pro Plus users can customize the behavior and appearance of the event-to-event loading bar.

  • Load bar- delay - the amount of load time the player is allowed before displaying a load bar; small events may load without needing a load bar

  • Load bar- color - the color of the load bar’s progress indicator for event-to-event transitions in the player

  • Load bar- enable - enabling the load bar to appear when transitioning between events at runtime


ZebraZapps Now Distributing Content on a Faster Global Network

ZebraZapps authors and learners will see significant speed-ups and a reduction in latency, especially those who are located outside the USA. With this update, your courses and their assets now distribute across a global network of server locations. This allows your content to be automatically routed from the nearest server location, so that it is delivered with the best possible performance. Many end-users will see low latency, faster loading, and no geographical limitations.

Content is now delivered through the following server locations:

United States

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Ashburn, VA (3)

  • Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (2)

  • Hayward, CA

  • Jacksonville, FL

  • Los Angeles, CA (2)

  • Miami, FL

  • New York, NY (3)

  • Newark, NJ

  • Palo Alto, CA

  • San Jose, CA

  • Seattle, WA

  • South Bend, IN

  • St. Louis, MO


  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2)

  • Dublin, Ireland

  • Frankfurt, Germany (3)

  • London, England (3)

  • Madrid, Spain

  • Marseille, France

  • Milan, Italy

  • Paris, France (2)

  • Stockholm, Sweden

  • Warsaw, Poland


  • Chennai, India

  • Hong Kong, China (2)

  • Mumbai, India

  • Manila, the Philippines

  • Osaka, Japan

  • Seoul, Korea

  • Singapore (2)

  • Taipei, Taiwan

  • Tokyo, Japan (2)


  • Melbourne, Australia

  • Sydney, Australia

South America

  • São Paulo, Brazil

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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